Renting a home away from home

How you wish one could be always in the comfort zone of one’s home. But alas it does not happen that way. One has to move out of the house for greener pastures. It could be for jobs or it could be for education or it could just be a holiday too. In a situation like this, you have to make a new place your home where you have to make it as comfortable and relaxing as your house back home.

Well, it is not possible for every person to purchase a new house in every city. Thus, the best option here is to take a house on rent and make it your home for the time you are in the city. Private Properties have a carefully selected portfolio of more than 90 privately owned houses and apartments to choose from.

Renting a property is not an easy task; however it is the best option rather than living out of suitcases in a hotel. With renting you have the freedom of living just the way you wish, cook the way you wish and have a completely independent lifestyle. On the contrary a few aspects need to be taken care off as one goes about renting out a house

Apt size of the house: Care should be taken to find a house of an apt size which should not be too small where it is not able to accommodate all the members comfortably. Also, it should not be too big that it raises high electricity bills and also you have a tough time cleaning and maintaining it.

Location is prime: One should take a house close to one’s office so that one’s travel time is comfortable. Not just this it should be close to shopping area as well so that your daily needs are also met. Also in case you have children then you must plan for a house which has children in the neighborhood and has parks around where they could play.

Monthly rent: One must give main consideration to the monthly rent that one has to give for the house every month. Go for something which is in your budget and one can comfortably afford and not go for something out of one’s pocket.

Apart from all the above as you about signing the lease, one should go about taking a good round of the entire property, the appliances and also everything else that you are getting with the house. This is important as by doing so the day you leave the house you avoid any confrontation with the owner on the damages on the house.

outdoor furniture

How to select the right outdoor furniture

We spend a lot of time selecting the right indoor furniture, beautiful items of display, the rugs and so forth. Somewhere along the way, the outdoor gets forgotten. Starting the day, with a cup of coffee in your hand and gazing at the clear skyline is sheer bliss, and a luxury that is easily within reach. Getting outdoor furniture is not the problem. Selecting furniture that is comfortable and sturdy is the tricky part. Outdoor Furniture Online Gold Coast has a wide range of gorgeous outdoor furniture and commercial timber furniture settings which are both durable and elegant.

So what should you look for when selecting outdoor furniture?


Outdoor furniture should be low on maintenance. If you are spending time cleaning, polishing and buffing up the furniture then you are not really going to do it and it will start to look drab. Not really what you planned for yourself. Right?

Understand the materials that make the furniture. Wood looks stunning, fits in with nature, is solid and durable. A number of companies offer well treated wood that is termite resistant.

  • Cyprus wood is a stable wood and not prone to swelling or shrinking whenever there is a change in season.
  • Ironbark furniture is low maintenance and tough. It is perfect for outdoor use. However it may not be resistant to rot.
  • Teak on the other hand is resistant to rot, is impervious to all weather conditions, has a lovely feel and natural scent. The downside is that it is expensive. It is a one time investment but not for the faint of heart.


  • Teak gets the number1 slot for it’s looks and finish. It develops a beautiful silver grey patina from exposure to the elements.
  •  Sonokeling possesses a unique quality of a wild colour range with beautifully marked irregular markings from deep purple brown, grey-reddish brown to reddish brown-black.

Weather resistance

  • Cyprus wood furniture can withstand the elements without a finish of any kind. So if you like the natural grainy look, then this is the right outdoor wood furniture for your lawn.
  • Teak requires little or no maintenance and is resistant to weather changes.